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At The Kids Cottage we run a daily Before School Care and After School Care Program along with a Vacation Care Program for each school holiday. 

We provide a varied and flexible program to cater for all age groups and interests. Through our programs we aim to respect individuality and challenge the children’s growth cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically whilst encouraging the development of essential life skills.

Our Programs are developed in line with the National Framework My Time, Our Place for School Age Care and strive to provide opportunities to maximise the children's potential and develop a foundation for future success in life. We aim to extend and enrich our children's well being and development in a welcoming and caring environment.

Our Programs are planned weekly collaborating with all members of our team along with child inputs collected from the week before.  We are always open to suggestions so if your child has something they are excited to do at Kids Cottage, we will endeavor to make it happen!  



Our food menu is also developed weekly with a variety of healthy and delicious options throughout the week to keep you children full and satisfied.  We offer breakfast in the morning from 7:00am to 8:15am with a hot option that changes weekly as well as the regular toast, cereals and daily fruit option.  In the afternoons we offer afternoon tea at approximately 3:40pm with a main food item that changes daily along with a fruit or vegetable ac-compliment that rotates throughout the week. We also offer a late snack at approximately 5:40pm with a range of smaller options to keep the children full until collection.  If your child has any special dietary requirements make sure to include it on your enrollment form and we will cater a special food option for them too. Wondering what is on the menu this week, it is up on display at Kids Cottage and posted on Playground weekly.  


Check out our program and sample menu 


Check out our program and sample menu 


Check out upcoming Vacation Care Programs

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