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Please find below additional Kids Cottage Forms and extra information on Child Care Subsidy along with Health Resources for Parents of Kids Cottage Middle Harbour.


Kids Cottage Middle Harbour is an approved provider and therefore families are entitled to apply for a Child Care Subsidy rebate on their fees. The percentage of CCS a family is entitled to is based on your combined annual income along with the number of hours of CCS is determined by how many hours the parent/ guardians spend undertaking recognised activities, for example work, training, volunteering or study.  If you wish to find out more information about the Child Care Subsidy Rebate including what you are entitled to and how to apply please see the Government info documents below. 



At Kids Cottage we cater for many children with different food allergies, anaphylaxis and asthma. Each child is individual however we strive to make all children feel inclusive including the food options we provide. We are a nut free centre and create special dietary options for the children who cannot eat the scheduled breakfast, afternoon tea or late snack.  If you have any questions regarding our Kids Cottage Health Policies or our dietary options for your child please contact us at Please find below our Medical Conditions and Allergy Policy and blank Risk Minimisation and Communication Plan for children with Asthma or Anaphylaxis.

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